Start of a chiropractic treatment

The first consultation is mainly intended to be able to make a diagnosis, i.e. we try to find out the reason for the complaints. The chiropractor does this by going over the steps below.

1. Anamnesis

The care provider uses a targeted, specific questionnaire to get an idea of the complaints, when and why they occur and of the possible causes of the complaints.

2. Posture analysis

The chiropractor carries out several examinations to analyse posture as specifically as possible. This entails the following:

  • Analysis of the footprint
  • Analysis of the walking pattern
  • Analysis of the balance
  • Analysis of the posture in various areas

3. Chiropractic examination

The chiropractor analyses the data obtained from the previous two steps. He then proceeds to a clinical examination. This comprises a physical examination, complemented with orthopaedic, neurological and muscle tests. He also views the patient’s medical imaging.

4. Treatment

After the clinical examination, the chiropractor makes a diagnosis and tells the patient where the problem is situated. This can be followed by the first phase of the treatment. If the chiropractic cannot help you or if further tests are required, the chiropractor will refer you to the right specialist.

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